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The San Leandro African American Business Council (AABC) was established as a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) in 2007 with the purpose of supporting, resource development, and establishing local African American businesses in the San Leandro business community.
The Council was started with the name The African American Business Council (AABC), founded through the efforts of Surlene Grant, former San Leandro City Councilmember. Ms. Grant responded to the concerns and frustrations of African Americans wanting to establish businesses in San Leandro. In starting the AABC, Councilmember Grant hoped to provide an avenue to City Hall resources and support that would strengthen the foundations of local businesses. In 2000, Councilmember Grant hosted the first African American Development Summit at San Leandro City Hall to find solutions and to address the issues and concerns confronting African American Businesses. 
Over the years, AABC has expanded its focus. Through the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce, a multi-cultural group has been organized with the Asian and Latino Councils. They meet quarterly with these three councils and are having success as we network our businesses together. The AABC, now SLAABC has been operating successfully over ten years in the San Leandro community by providing:
  1. Monthly meetings for local businesses to showcase their individual business
  2. Invited government officials, public/private businesses and corporations to attend these meetings to inform SLAABC membership of contracting and various business opportunities
  3. Participation in local Chambers of Commerce events, various business seminars and other events and conferences in the East Bay to allow SLAABC membership to showcase their businesses
  4. Training in entrepreneurship and business planning with local training institutes
  5. Assistance in the navigation of applications for permits and licensing through City and County governments
  6. Youth Program Career Day at the local High Schools, San Leandro and Arroyo


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